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It's not just energy, it's MOSH ENERGY!

Mosh Energy is a revolutionary new functional beverage designed and formulated with heavy metal artist and fans in mind. Everyone knows that heavy metal musicians exert tons of energy on stage, same goes for the fans in the crowd and in the pit. A genre that is so special deserves a beverage that is equally as special, offering everything that the heavy metal lifestyle demands. Formulated with electrolytes, for hydration, BCAA's for stamina and recovery and a unique groundbreaking purified caffeine, MOSH Energy drink covers it all. In addition to an amazing formula MOSH offers even more in the form of a QR scan code on each bottle that has data from various artist. When you buy a bottle of MOSH and scan the code you will be directed to the website of the artist on the label, providing you with a free digital download song and a video for your viewing pleasure.